9,000 BC Review: An Epic Struggle for Survival

9,000 BC is a game that takes you back in time to the period where life was a constant struggle for dominance and survival. The game portrays an extreme degree of frenzied, frantic fighting, and it almost perfectly mirrors the feeling of the time period. With its great mix of action, fighting, and strategy, it’s quite obvious 9,000 BC is an extremely enjoyable game.

The objective of 9,000 BC is to defend your tribe from the ferocious natives that are, hellbent on the destroying your village. Your character is a little boy, but don’t let that fool you. This boy can throw spears, conjure up magical trees, cast spells, control the elements, summon godly spirits and allies, and even use dead bodies to his advantage.

The fabulous artwork, original concept, and creative combat system would all have been for nothing if there weren’t good controls. However, 9,000 BC pulls off a very good control scheme. Through a series of finger interactions, you will be able to do a vast variety of things in order to kill your enemy (i.e. the only way to kill firedevils is to blast them with water, so what your do is swipe your finger from the ocean at the firedevil, and they will die), and throwing spears is a cinch; all you have to do is tap on the screen and your hero will throw the spear with all his might.

The objective in 9,000 BC is to kill all the enemies each round and last as long as you can, like many other “endless survival” game types out there. What sets this game apart from the others is that has a very intricate upgrade system, lots of things to do, and many ways to kill your enemies, which are also numerous in numbers, size, and category.

In 9,000 BC you can upgrade and buy a wide variety of things including health, hunger, and damage upgrades, and spirits and spells. All of the upgrades with the exception of the spirits and “magical fruit” spells, can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 times, but the spirits and spells are one time use only; once you use them , you’ll have to buy them again. To simplify this concept, basically the spirits and spells are “active” skills, and the long term upgrades are “passive” skills.

The gameplay of 9,000 BC will give your fingers a chance to prove their dexterity; there’s three difficulty levels, and you’ll be swiping fish to your hero to keep him well fed, throwing water at firedevils, shaking clouds to produce thunder, tapping the sun to drop a fire bush, giving your hero magical fruits, sending out your spirits, and dragging dead bodies to the volcano so it can launch a huge bomb of lava. Does it sound hectic? You bet. Surprisingly, none of this detracts from 9,000 BC’s gameplay; it just makes it better and better.

In 9,000 BC, there is a wide variety of creatures you have to deal with. Among these include the Native Brothers, Fat Spear Man, Bearded Man, Giant, Tree Monster, Fire Devil, Evil Birds, etc. A good number of these creatures can be defeated by your trusty spear, but some of them need to be hit a lot more than others, and a good amount of creatures will also need a specific action to kill them (i.e. you must kill Tree Monsters by burning them with some type of fire, and Evil Birds can only be kill by throwing them off screen).

As a result of this great artwork, fun gameplay, and original ideas, I believe that this mixed-genre game will become one of the App Store’s next rising stars. 9,000 BC is one of the best games you can get on the App Store for 99 cents, so if you do not have 9,000 BC yet, I suggest you pick it up right now.


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