Cocoto Magic Circus Review: Classic Circus Shooting Action, With Online Multiplayer!

Multiplayer games have been, on the whole, somewhat average on the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, you can always count on Eurocenter to create quality multiplayer games that everyone can enjoy – with a wide variety of games from online pool to cart racing, it was only a matter of time before Eurocenter was able to think of another great concept for multiplayer gaming. It just so happened that this next great concept was circus styled dart shooting, and I was extremely elated I could enjoy the fun of dart shooting without having to go to a circus.

The controls are extremely easy to adapt to; all you do is tap where you want to shoot. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s a good control method. It should also not be a surprise that Eurocenter has put a lot of detail into their game – if you miss a target and hit one of the backgrounds, you’ll see your dart physically hit the object and stick on it. This makes it almost hilarious when you’re fighting a boss and it’s stuck full of darts like a pincushion.

I’m very glad that Eurocenter included a single player mode, since it’s quite obvious that most people won’t be near a WiFi signal 24/7. In single player, you can choose between the story/arcade mode and a free play mode that lets you select one feature of the game (i.e. a boss fight or a monster shooting spree) to play.

The story/arcade mode is extremely linear and has repeating objectives, but it’s still extremely entertaining due to the diverse amount of environments and things to shoot. You’ll be freeing your fairy friend, playing with some target practice, sniping monsters, defeating bosses, and collecting golden apples in environments that look like fascimiles of heaven, dungeons, swamps, and more.

The free play mode is just as entertaining as the story mode. You’ll be able to select which type of gameplay you want (sniping monsters, target practice, boss fights) and the game will automatically put you in one of the situations you’ve come across in the story. It’s extremely good for quick bursts of fun, and also extremely immersive and addicting.

The multiplayer mode is great – I had a match with my friend and it was extremely entertaining. You try to get more targets than your opponent, and though you never seen your opponent you will see him shooting. Multiplayer is competitive yet lighthearted, just like what it would be like at a circus. The feeling is imitated almost exactly, and I have no complaints here either.

The only problem I have with the game is extremely small, and it has to do with performance. Sometimes the game will run at a slower frame rate than usual, resulting in a less smooth experience. This doesn’t happen often, but since it has happened before I’d recommend that  you play this game with an iPod Touch 2G and up. Hopefully Eurocenter will be able to make the performance silky smooth in an update.

Cocoto Magic Circus is one of the best games you can get at the $0.99 price point and still have endless replay value. If you enjoy dart shooting and target practice in the least, then this game is for you. Kudos to Eurocenter for creating another great single player and multiplayer experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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