Zombie Crisis 3D Review

I’ve always wanted to be able to play one of those light gun games I see in arcades on my iPod Touch, but so far most of them have been half-hearted attempts (like Time Crisis) or just downright horrible. However, KongZhong Corp. has changed my view on this matter by bringing Zombie Crisis 3D, an on-rails shooter a la House of the Dead. Zombie Crisis 3D promises many levels, simple and linear progression, three different weapons, and quite a few boss fights. It delivers everything it promises, but there are a few points in which it can improve.

Zombie Crisis 3D contains traditional light gun gameplay, and it never really deviates from that formula. This makes for a game that pays homage to House of the Dead extremely accurately, and a blast to play. The gun that you would use in a light gun game is swapped for you finger, which you can use to tap anywhere on the screen to fire. There’s also a knife ability for when you don’t want to waste any of your precious ammo. Zombie Crisis 3D controls beautifully, and there are no problems at all with the control scheme. It’s easy to pick up and easy to use, which makes it playable for almost anyone from the get-go.

The graphics in Zombie Crisis 3D aren’t bad either – as the title suggests, it uses fully 3D character models. The character models and environment all look great, but the animations are somewhat lacking. The blood effects look out of place compared to the good character models, and the knife swipes in the same direction no matter what way you swipe. Other than that, the graphics and animations work well.

Gameplay consists of going through a multitude of rooms and environments eliminating whatever zombies you find with either a pistol, shotgun, or minigun. The story behind this is the cliche “something happened in a lab, we need to check it out” kind of thing, but you can’t really judge Zombie Crisis 3D by its story, as it is meant to be an arcade zombie shooter and not a fully narrated, beautiful RPG-shooter game. Movement is done automatically as you progress and shoot through the levels, so all you really have to do is concentrate on the aiming.

Zombie Crisis 3D also has some pretty cool boss fights, but the fights can easily become a chore to go through as they are somewhat anticlimactic, and the boss takes ages to kill. However, they’re a pretty cool addition to the game, and the only problem I have with the boss fights are how slow-paced they are.

All in all, Zombie Crisis 3D is an enjoyable arcade shooter a la House of the Dead, and though it may have a couple problems with its boss fights and animations, it’s a game that all arcade shooter fans should have on their iPhone or iPod Touch.


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